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Polyamine-Mediated Sensitization of Klebsiella pneumoniae to Macrolides through a Dual Mode of Action

Adams JME, Moulding PB, El-Halfawy OM*

ACS Infectious Diseases 2024.

ACS Editors' Choice® 

Coverage: nature middle east (Arabic) 

Discovery of an antivirulence compound- El-Halfawy et al. Nature Chem Bio. El-Halfawy Lab

Discovery of an antivirulence compound that reverses β-lactam resistance in MRSA

El-Halfawy OM, Czarny TL, Flannagan RS, Day J, Bozelli-Jr JC, Kuiack RC, Salim A, Eckert P, Epand RM, McGavin MJ, Organ MG, Heinrichs DE, Brown ED  

Nature Chemical Biology 2020.16 (2), 143-149

Media coverage: Forbes,, CHCH TV

Uncovering the antibiotic potential of cannabis. Farha & El-Halfawy et al. ACS ID. El-Halfawy Lab

Uncovering the hidden antibiotic potential of Cannabis

Farha MA, El-Halfawy OM (Co-first), Gale RT, MacNair CR, Carfrae LA, Zhang X, Jentsch NG, Magolan J, Brown ED 

ACS Infectious Diseases 2020. 6 (3), 338-346

Media coverage: CBC news, the Guardian, The Hamilton Spectator, The New York Post, Now this news, BNR Radio Netherlands, The London Free Press, News 24-City Press

Antibiotic capture by bacterial lipocalins as a novel intrinsic antibiotic resistance mechanisms. Fat-soluble vitamins can inhibit this resistance mechanism. El-Halfawy et al. mBio. El-Halfawy Lab.

Antibiotic capture by bacterial lipocalins uncovers an extracellular mechanism of intrinsic antibiotic resistance

El-Halfawy OM, Klett J, Ingram R, Loutet S, Murphy M, Martin-Santamaria S, Valvano MA

mBio 2017. 14; 8(2)

Antimicrobial heteroresistance: A heteroresistant bacterial population vs. a homogenous one. El-Halfawy and Valvano. Clin Micro Rev. El-Halfawy Lab.

Antimicrobial heteroresistance: an emerging field in need of clarity

El-Halfawy OM, and Valvano MA 

Clinical Microbiology Reviews 2015. 28 (1): 191-207